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Every now and then a law firm changes its name to something so awful that it’s quickly forced to backtrack – Lawrence Graham’s ill-fated decision to give itself the same name as washing machine purveyors LG a decade back springs to mind. The latest firm to de-re-brand is Ince, formerly Ince Gordon Dadds, formerly Ince & Co. It’s presumably not so the Ince Gordon Dadds name is so terrible, just that in the old-school world of shipping and insurance the Ince name still carries a certain cache while the Gordon Dadds name doesn’t. Thus, within The Gordon Dadds group, the private client part of the firm will be henceforth be known as Gordon Dadds, while the shipping part will be known as Ince. Just like before.

It’s the latter half of the firm making slightly strange comments this week, after its Monaco team toddled off to HFW. Ince’s response: they can do much better – or rather, the financial performance of its representation in the principality “can be improved by bringing in a new team”.

Gordon Dadds stated that following its deal with Ince & Co, it reviewed its relationship with the latter’s office in Monaco. Confirming that the team is leaving, the firm said a new team would be hired, whose results will be consolidated into the group’s results. “There will be no compensation or any entitlement to deferred consideration payable to the former team from the Group,” it added. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we term snark.