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By Matt Byrne 20 August 2019

Karina Furga-Dabrowska

Dentons has appointed a ‘chief mindfulness officer’ for Europe in an attempt to develop its lawyers’ emotional intelligence.

Warsaw-based partner Karina Furga-Dabrowska has been handed the role as an acknowledgement of her role in the launch of NextMind, Dentons’ wellbeing programme. Furga-Dabrowska has been with the firm since 2006 and is co-head of its tax advisory group, as well as co-head of its life sciences group in Poland and coordinator of the life sciences group in Central Europe.

“Relying on principles of neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology,” Dentons says, “NextMind uses regular mindfulness meditation to develop core elements of emotional intelligence, such as self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, social skills and empathy. The program starts with introductory workshops to allow novices to experience mindfulness first hand. It then progresses to a full eight-week training program, designed by Furga-Dabrowska in collaboration with the Kalapa Leadership Academy, where participants begin incorporating mindfulness practice into their daily work.”

Participants also learn about the neuroscientific aspects of long-term stress, psychological pitfalls of perfectionism, consequences of cognitive bias, and the dangers of multi-tasking.

Furga-Dabrowska’s new role at the firm will entail working with its talent team, as well as its mindfulness ambassadors, to roll out NextMind more widely across Dentons, as well as leading other mindfulness initiatives.